Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mario Armstrong- - Keynote Presentation at ICE

Hello from the ICE Conference!

Armstrong's goal is to address strategies designed to help us integrative, creative technology solutions in the classroom. He is having us tweet to him. Steve Dembo won the fastest geek tweet - won a book. Armstrong's a video game aficionado.

We need to learn how to learn again. Armstrong says he thinks technology needs to be integrated correctly. The biggest problem in our field is how to teach students problem solving? He illustrates this via the evolution of the Segway.

Get feedback via real-time feedback from Twitpoll. Working with people resistant to change is a big problem. Budgets are not the biggest problem.

We are re-defining the nature of the "classroom". The classroom can be the mall or waiting for the bus. What devices are kids using now? Here's where the opportunity is for kids:math & science careers will grow by more than twice that of any other profession.
Who's doing What?
About 1/3 of the audience is using Skype. Join the Educational Skype Directory.

Unfortunately, this keynote is short on vision and long on a presentation of cool tools for taking education outside the classroom.

Session I: will most likely attend Sara Kajder's "New Literacies, New Questions, New Research"
1) How do we know what is really working in our pedagogy?
2) What does it mean to research with adolescents?

Session II: Lucy Gray & Liz Lehman (Univ of Chicago Lab School and Arlington Hts. District 25) " Using Technology to Foster Exploration and Reflection in Science" - inquiry based Science learning.

Looking forward to: David Warlick's luncheon event: Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century!

After lunch, it's off to the exhibits.
Afternoon sessions: Will definitely attend Steve Dembo's "Storytelling for the YouTube Generation".


Ms. S said...

Thanks for blogging as it happens -- and for keeping all of us "connected".

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Great way to share what you're learning. Thanks!!!