Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting Teachers to Adopt Technology

Rushton Hurley: Japanese Language teacher in California. A nonprofit guy...what else do you expect from California.

Free resources for classrooms: Technology had better save me time or help the kids learn better. Period.

Don't have teachers require themselves to be tech experts.
Don't tie everything to standards. [duh]
Don't sit everyone is a lab for training. (Erika just reminded me about Follett Destiny training!!)

Remind teachers of their expertise.
Give students options but channel it to the cool stuff. You can do a movie or make a poster. Kids will definitely veer toward the cool stuff.
Talk with students NOT at them.
Why are you there as a teacher? So you (as teacher) can learn something!
Show other teachers something fun. Show them your flickr favorites. Show them with
Cool Iris (Firefox plug-in)! Awesome for visually compelling lessons. Prompts discussions.
Do allow regular (and short) sharing time.
Great clip made for No Food, No Drink in the lab/library!

Do look at what's happening in the classrooms. Don't tell me what you'd do if you had X or Y. Tell me what you'd do with the tech you have now.
Do learn what’s freely available. You don’t need CAD, you can use like Google’s SketchUp.
Do: use targeted spending to focus purchases.
See Lightbulbs section of his website to see videos folks have created.
Textbooks are by definition: BORING. –see videos “Global Views” section.
See also: “Seeing Service”. Videos of service-- Great idea to share with Mitch Jones.
Students need to know that they have “something to give”. The stories are out they – the best that we can be.
Fill out a form to get your free stuff: Send your email
Loved this presentation. Going back to hear more at 2:30pm.

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