Friday, February 26, 2010

Gale Database Presenter: Sara Tarpley

After lunch we attend the "Celebrate 21st Century Learning”: it focused on reinventing legacy products! Coming in May/June revamp of Opposing Viewpoints;
August/September: revamping History Resource Center.
Today the focus is on Global Issues in Context: updated 8 times/day! Did you know that? I sure didn't. Most of the legacy products will have a similar interface in the future: Global News sources; primary sources; interactive statistics; podcasts & videos; readspeaker; Google Maps
Fully Customizing: You can place Academic Journals first instead of something else, e.g. global viewpoints! Sara also spoke about GREENR database and Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia –new interface!with Knowledge Portal Features.

Gale realizes that their databases are outmoded for students and they are trying to
make them look more like the web and less like a database.
The philosophy is “you know what to do” because it’s more like the web.
Someone made a suggestion that Gale products make their citations enabled to be exported to Noodle Tools. They will consider this idea. Wouldn't that be awesome.
Very exciting: Erika won the American Express Gift Card.

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