Friday, February 26, 2010

Back at another Rushton Hurley session at ICE

Rushton Hurley: Japanese Language teacher in California. A nonprofit guy...who is sharing content from his organization NextVista which publishes videos made by students.

Video engages students: we enjoyed so many student productions. will help you get videos on your desktop if Google is blocked at your school. Kids can use this service to convert YouTube files which are currently blocked and use clips in their presentations without having to do it from the teacher computer.

Students often have great questions, e.g. "What is the role of humility in a strong person's life?" Digital video is important for many reasons: there something totally engaging about video. There is a power in unpredictability; teachers are very predictable. Video is unpredictable and therefore interesting. Students want to be intrigued. How do we talk with and learn from our students?
The Power of Video: Surprise me...don't give students too many parameters which will kill creativity.

Students love to celebrate each other's work. Signing out - my battery is low!

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