Saturday, February 27, 2010

New award for library blogging!

If you like our library blog, please read below and nominate us:

Peter Tobey from Salem Press:
"As you are probably aware, blogs about libraries have spread across the web. There are (literally) hundreds of people writing about books, libraries, librarians and related subjects. If you count the blogs that come from specific institutions, spreading local news, there are thousands of the things. Some are funny. Some are brilliant. Others, aren't.

Since I'm a big fan of these intellectual exercises, I thought it would be a good idea to recognize the best efforts in the field. Not only to praise the praise-worthy but also to publicize the good stuff. It seems to me there should be a well-organized directory of library blogs and a "peoples' awards" program of some kind to let folks know what blogs are best-liked and most widely read.

So Salem Press is going to host the First Annual Library Blog Awards. Complete with cash prizes. But we'll go beyond an annual celebration and related hoopla. We will also build a website that monitors library blogs and updates folks on especially interesting thoughts and news. You'll be able to scan the gist of several interesting posts and then drill down to the blogs themselves if you are interested.

I'd like to request nominees. That is, the names (and URLs, if possible) of library-centric blogs you know and love. Send as many as you'd like. We'll publish this popularity poll and let you know when it's online. Those who contribute suggestions also will be kept up to date about our progress regarding the "blog highlights" site and the Library Blog Awards, too."

Send me a list of your favorite library blogs @

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

Peter W Tobey
Director, Sales & Marketing
Salem Press

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