Monday, May 10, 2010

New School Library With (One Tweet) x Many

By Rocco Staino -- School Library Journal, 5/10/2010

Shepherds Junior School in Arusha, Tanzania, is getting a school library, thanks to Twitter and the grassroots fundraising group Epic Change.

Epic Change founder and CEO Stacey Monk (@StaceyMonk) volunteered at the school in January 2007, and its founder and headmistress Mama Lucy Kamptoni asked Monk to partner with her school.

Monk’s website, which supports grassroots change and social entrepreneurship, decided to sponsor the school through TweetsGiving, a 48 hour fundraiser that takes place around the Thanksgiving holiday. Using Twitter, blogging, and other social media, the site raised $10,000 in 2008, which was used to build a new classroom for the Tanzanian school. And last year, it raised $35,000 to create the school’s first library, which will open in the next few months.

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