Monday, May 10, 2010

We must launch a stronger PR campaign

Just when we thought we had our work cut-out for us to teach students (and adults) about evaluating information, our trail has now become more of an up-hill climb per a recent speech by President Obama.

The wonderful Unquiet Librarian has made great comments on his speech, and even references one of his former speeches. May we start the climb today, as we increase our efforts on educating everyone in our communities, even those who we think should know the importance of cultivating critical consumers of information.

Here is one piece of her comment. Please view the remainder of her post:
"First, the real problem here is not information itself or the devices in which people access it, but instead, the core issue is the fact that too many people lack essential information evaluation skills that are relevant for today’s information landscape. Secondly, information and the gadgets are like anything else—people have the free will and choice to use them in a positive manner or a less than positive way."
The Unquiet Librarian 5/10/10

"Dear Mr. President, Misinformation is the Real Distraction"

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