Saturday, October 09, 2010

Reinventing print ... part two ...

This week The New York Times bemoaned languishing picture books while PBS alerted me to site where anyone can help promote literacy by reading online -- over 75,000 books have been donated.

It's called We Give Books (sponsored by Penguin & Pearson Foundation) and last week the goal was about setting a record for reading The Snowy Day. Check out the picture books on that site (Jan Brett's The Mitten is a personal favorite). While these books are not as interactive (yet?!) as they could be, they are still fun to read - especially if you are cuddling up with your child.

Scholastic also recently released the 2010 Kids & Family Reading Report which talks about the appeal of digital texts.

The "reinvention of print" seems well underway on several fronts.

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