Monday, February 21, 2011

Diane Ravitch: How can we improve schools while cutting funding and demoralizing teachers?

Protest at Wisconsin State Capitol on February 16
The uprising in Madison is symptomatic of a simmering rage among the nation's teachers.
--Diane Ravitch
Read Ravitch's opinions on the Madison Wisconsin protests.  Ravitch basically thinks that
it is not just about unions trying to protect their members' hard-won rights.... It is about teachers who are fed up with attacks on their profession.  CNN ReportIn a recent SLATE post, Egyptian solidarity with the Wisconsin protest puts a real "one world" feel on this.  

Egyptians Order Pizza for Wisconsin Protesters:

"In an act of intercontinental solidarity, an Egyptian has ordered a pizza for Wisconsin protesters, reports Politico. The call from Africa is just one of many streaming into the Madison, Wisc., pizza parlor Ian's from all over the world. So far, people from 12 countries and 38 states have rung up looking to help get free pizza to the Wisconsin protesters clustered in the Capitol. On Saturday, Ian's distributed more than 1,000 free slices and sent 300 pizzas to the Capitol."
Without social media this would never happen. There is strength in numbers. However, the unions have a definite public relations problem.  Read 

"Who is winning the public relations fight in Wisconsin?" to understand how things in Wisconsin are likely to get nastier.

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