Sunday, February 20, 2011

More on QR codes

These QR codes are getting really big and I think we can have fun in the library with them because many of our students/staff have smart phones.  We can partner students up for a library scavenger hunt during orientation!

Here are the ideas of Barbara Schroeder, Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University:

10 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Classroom

I love the interactivity piece...sending people to further information.  To keep students awake during our own presentations in the library we can even put QR codes into our LibGuides and they can scan them when they are projected on the screen.  I did that with my recent PREZI presentation and participants could get the direct URL for the PREZI sent to their phones.  

So easy to do:  just enter a URL into a QR code generator (many on the web) and then embed the image on your blog, web page, or simply copy & paste it into a word doc.  The mobile phone user just needs a bar code scanner app on their phone.

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